About Us

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The story of Fire Heart Refract S.A [Pty] Ltd™ has grown out of the necessity for the upkeep and beautifying of closed combustion stoves and general heating appliances made from mild steel and cast iron. Once Fire Heart Refract S.A. [Pty] Ltd™ products are taken up by the customer, longevity of cast iron and steel is measured not in years but decades. 

Even though your cast iron or steel stoves are of the state of the art technology, nothing can escape the natural elements. It is here that we step in and provide products that will assist in the protection against heat, oxidization, and condensation, thereby extending the lifespan of your fireplace and other heating appliances dramatically.


“We have been installing stoves for many years and quickly noticed the importance held in protecting and maintaining a healthy stove, this is where ingenuity and demand met hand in hand to bring to you a product that cares.”


Managing Director:

Peter Maree


Financial Director:

Debbie Maree

Installation team :